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Jessica Lightle

Mrs. Lightle’s Alternative Education Syllabus



Phone: (918)423-5445


Welcome to Mrs. Lightle’s class!


Our class completes work in core subjects (math, language arts, science, social studies) utilizing the online program Students will go into the building for various classes as students become more comfortable with regular classes.


Students in this course will:


  • Demonstrate mastery of newly learned concepts through cross-curricular projects.

  • Go to horse therapy on Tuesdays from 8:30-9:30.

  • Volunteer with Shared Blessings on Thursdays from 8:30-9:30.

  • Volunteer with groups such as the youth shelter, parks, etc…Various days  8:30-9:30.

  • Participate in life skills course to develop social skills and coping mechanisms.


All daily and weekly assignments will be posted in google classroom and copied into student planners at the beginning of each week.


Class Supplies—Bring Them Every Day!


  • 1. 2 Composition Notebooks

  • 2. Basic Calculator

  • 3. Headphones (not earbuds) (will stay in the classroom)

  • 4. 2 Inch Binder

  • 5. 10 Binder Pockets/Dividers

  • 6. BLACK T-Shirt (We will be creating a design for them as a class)


Your Success/Grade In This Class Will Depend On:


  • Doing all assigned work with honest effort

  • Turning work in on time and consistently

  • Coming to class prepared and on time

  • Keeping absences/tardies to a minimum

  • Making up all missed assignments/tests 

  • Behaving appropriately during class


Websites and Applications We Will Utilize:



    • go to

    • enter school code:ok1486 (do not type school name)

    • username: first name

    • password: lunch#

  • Go to and enter code y342jai


Grade Distribution:


  • Accuracy: 30%

  • Focus: 30%

  • Class Participation: 30%

  • Semester Exam: 10%


Helpful Hints for a Successful Year:


  • Write ALL assignments in your agenda (or other organizer that you use) at the beginning of the week.

  • Consult your agenda at home and complete assigned work.

  • Do your very best work each and every day!!!!!

  • If you have any questions or find you are struggling with a concept and/or assignment, please contact Mrs. Lightle for support.


Rules and Consequences: 


1. You are expected to arrive to class on time every day, and be ready to work when the bell rings. 


2.  Assignments are due on time. Homework is only accepted the day it is due. Projects and writing assignments lose points each day they are late.


3. If you are absent from my class it is your responsibility to make up any work you have missed. There are several ways you can find out what work you have missed: 

  • Asking a peer

  • Consult teacher during advisory class

  • Work from home using

  • Complete makeup work during HERD (after school tutoring)


4. Show respect for the teacher as well as your classmates at all times. 


Infraction and Procedures: 

  • First Offense: A verbal warning will be given

  • Second Offense: A second verbal warning will be given and parent contact will be made either by phone or email 

  • Third Offense:  A 45 minute after school detention will be given

  • Fourth Offense: A referral will be given and the student will be sent to the office 



  • Please text or email the following information:

    • Student Name

    • Parent Name

    • Parent Email

    • Parent Phone and if texting is preferred


*Please make sure to notify me at all times if you have changes to your contact information.


*No cell phone usage will be tolerated in class. If I see a cell phone, I will immediately send it to the office and notify parents to come and pick it up. Students will not be allowed to take it home. There are too many variables because of the nature of our class to allow exceptions.


*We will be traveling to various events and working with community members. Please be aware that behavior is expected to be appropriate at all times. If there are any incidences whatsoever where personal space, volume level, or manners are not respectful of all of those around us, the student will be asked to stay home and work on an alternative assignment on days in which we interact with the community. This pertains to in and out of school and I will call to notify you of those incidences. 


*Suicide/Drug/Bullying/Physical Abuse Reporting: I am mandated by law to report these issues. I am not given the luxury of making a judgement call to decipher whether the threat is real. Please do not take offense if you are contacted for investigation. I do not take this part of my job lightly. Please talk with you family about these matters and if you feel like you need a referral to get outside help, I always have multiple contacts. If finances are an issue, there are many organizations in our community that are income based.

Jessica Lightle

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