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MHS Partners with Tango Flight Incorporated

Posted Date: 03/25/2022


Tango Fight Incorporated is a 501c3 educational non-profit corporation created to inspire the next generation of engineers, pilots, aviation mechanics and technicians. Their proprietary curriculum provides meaningful classroom learning with real hands-on training. Students apply classroom knowledge to building an actual, FAA certified airplane.


This aviation-focused curriculum exposes students to areas of study including:

• Fundamentals and mechanics of aircraft and avionics equipment

• Aviation maintenance and inspection

• Aircraft structure and assembly


Tango Flight is dedicated to fostering students’ interest in trade careers and hobbies. More than just the construction of an airplane, Tango Flight ensures students experience every part of aerospace. Through mentorship, Tango Flight is devoted to teaching mechanical skills as well as life lessons in commitment and teamwork. Unlike any other program offered in the United States, Tango Flight allows students to acquire lifelong skills and expertise in the aviation industry.