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What Makes Puterbaugh Upper Elementary Awesome?

We believe that Edmond Doyle Elementary is an awesome, but we might be a little partial! Everyday there is a plethora of activities happening at our school. Here are just a few of the things we believe make us Awesome:

  • Our Butterfly Garden - From Mrs. Hunt, principal of Edmond Doyle: Monarch butterflies are so interesting to me...I've been teaching kids about them for over 20 years...I mentioned to my friend, Casey Murray, an architectural student from OU at the time, that I'd love to create a Monarch Waystation at our school.  Casey designed our tree sculpture...we got  money from James Garigin, Tamara Chlebik's grandpa, and Casey got a welder friend to donate his skills.  We basically have about a $10,000 sculpture for $1,000.   Casey, his cousin, and my husband put it together and cemented it in.  Then, Jason Greene donated rock for the garden.  Casey designed the rock patio to look like a tree with roots.  He laid the rocks himself.  We got a grant from Washita Mountain Resource, Conservation and Development Council for  $1000.00 that helped pay for milkweed plants and tree benches. We are a registered Monarch Waystation with  We tag butterflies for them.  We've learned a lot about monarchs and this year we have raised over 50 butterflies.  Our nectar plants are drawing mature monarchs and other butterflies as well.  In the future, we want an aquaponic greenhouse so we can grow milkweed and sell it to McAlester, so everyone can plant milkweed in their home gardens and our whole town can be a Mnarch Waystation since we are in the migrational path of the monarch!!
  • STEAM - If you do not know what this is, you are definitely missing out on an amazing learning experience. Through the lenses of Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics, the students develop and practice through a hands-on approach. From LEGO building challenges to science experiments, our STEAM class is assisting the students with their 21st Century Skills of collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and communication. 
  • Character Club - By condoning good character, we reward students for showing good character traits with our Character Club winners. The homeroom teachers pick a student every month that has exceptional behavior and displays our word of the month within their daily actions. These students have the opportunity to eat lunch at our school with their parents/guardians on stage in the cafeteria. They are also provided an, “All About Me” poster that will be filled out and displayed throughout the year.

At Edmond Doyle, we believe that excellence is the key to our students’ success. We feel that providing them with the skills necessary to succeed includes a team of teachers and administrators working together to make them reach their goals and dreams.